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POS integration

Manage your E-commerce - website and mobile app

Consolidate, maintain, track, observe, analyze and sell

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Let us know your E-commerce platform and we will integrate it

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Build a mobile app for your retail and restaurant businesses to help consumers order through your app

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Banking options inside mrakaf ERP

Save upto 75% of your time spent to obtain accuracy in payments with connected banking

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Clear multiple payments & automate reconciliation as mrakaf has tied up with ICICI bank

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Card swipe, digital wallet and UPI enabled payment integration

Cater to various payment needs of customers via cash, card, digital wallets and UPI

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My time and effort has significantly reduced to 80%, thereby increasing my productivity upto 90%. Thanks to mrakaf

Mr. Zeeshan
Owner, Aala Fabrics

Why use a seprate program for customer loyalty?

Integrate and consolidate your loyalty into a single screen

Drive loyal customers to your store with our loyalty integrations. Let us know your platform and we will integrate it for you

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Sync accounting or transaction data

No manual entry of data, eliminate errors, save time and automate.

Keep Accounts up to date

We seamlessly integrate into your complex IT landscape

100% proven expertise in ERP integration

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Universal ERP adaptor that lets quicker and quality integration supporting all methodologies from flat file to RESTful services

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Mall management integration

ADSR - an acronym used in specific to 'PathFinder mall managemant'

Capture ADSR - Automatic daily sales reports, analyse and strategize

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