Benefits of using mrakaf's Food Truck POS Software

Complete offline functionality

Enjoy seamless Food Truck POS system functions, even in the absence of internet connectivity

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Simple, portable interface

Serve customers anywhere across the world by taking your Food Truck POS software on your tablet or iPad

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Contactless menu

Showcase your delicious delicacies with just a quick scan

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Real-time customer insights

Receive real-time customer feedback and improve your service offerings to increase their delight

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Manage online orders

Process orders from food aggregator apps on a single screen of your Food Truck POS system

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Delight on the double

Process orders quicker by simply integrating the Kitchen Display System with your Food Truck POS software

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Attract the foodie flock

Offer discounts and loyalty points, and expand your business by serving customers across a larger radius

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Business Intelligence

Access real-time reports on sales, inventory, staff performance at your fingertips from any place, any time

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Do you own a chain of Food Trucks?

We offer you a tailor-made solution designed by our panel of Restaurant Experts for your food trucks

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Cloud pos system for food trucks

Reduce power consumption, space and hardware costs with iPAD and Tablet POS


Get customer feedback to
deliver a delight experience

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Rediscover your loyal customers and pull them closer to your business with GoAlerts

GoAlerts is a cloud based real-time business monitoring tool to notify/send critical business information as SMS or E-Mail.

Gain complete control across locations with mrakaf's Food Truck POS System

Manage your menus and prices across all your Food Trucks on-the-go
Plan your purchases and stock based on best sellers with Centralized Inventory Management
Manage your central kitchen to plan items outward to your branch outlets
Easily setup any number of additional foodtruck billing counters
Map different taxes and additional charges to your food truck bills based on the location and facilities
POS Software for multi restaurant hotel

Know why the finest food trucks in the market prefer mrakaf's Food Truck POS software

Delight your customers on-the-go by adopting mrakaf's food truck POS software today. Complete with modules to help you manage orders, billing, production and wastage, accounts, loyalty programs all in one place, experience an increase in your profits. Download the 30-day-trial today and ask for a free live demo.
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Overview of Food Truck Software

  • What is a Food Truck POS System?
    A Food Truck POS System is a collection of software tools that automates a food truck's daily operations. Right from taking down customer's orders to preparing them, to offering discounts to the customers based on their repeat purchase, to managing the fresh ingredients - a food truck POS system offers seamless automation. Food truck POS system also offers modules that help in tracking revenues and costs, identify ingredient costs, and generate real-time reports.
  • Why do Food Trucks need a POS system?
    Food Trucks capitalize on selling quick bites to a huge crowd of customers in a shorter span of time. Investing in a Food Truck POS system can prove to create wonders for a food truck owner:

    - Automation of your food truck operations is extremely simple

    - Simple user interface that helps you create bills with a few taps

    - Combo management that helps you create exciting packages for your customers

    - Accurate tracking of expenses and ease in accepting cashless payments with our top notch accounting module

    - Effortless management of your inventory and reduction in wastage costs

    - Faster order processing and higher accuracy with Kitchen Display System integration

    - Meticulous profit tracking with real-time, data-driven reports

  • Benefits of using Food Truck POS software
    Food Trucks can experience a stellar growth in business by adopting a Food Truck POS software:

    - Longer queues are eliminated by faster order processing

    - Ingredient and food wastage is minimized

    - Stock replenishment and management is no longer a hassle

    - Significant savings in costs owing to data-driven, accurate expenditure planning

    - Service quality is consistent and top-notch

    - Improve business performance based on accurate data

  • Why is mrakaf the best Food Truck POS System?
    mrakaf offers the best Food Truck POS system that helps you to grow your business with the least training and minimal staff required. mrakaf's Food Truck POS system comes with in-built modules and offline functionality to run your food truck with zero interruptions. mrakaf's Food Truck POS system can be integrated with multiple digital solutions in different modules, such as OrderEasy for online ordering, GoDeliver for delivery management, WhatsNow for complete business assistance, myPulse for customer feedback management, and much more.
  • How to download free Food truck POS software from mrakaf?
    Experience a free trial of mrakaf's Food Truck POS software with just a few simple clicks. Click the link below to download free Food Truck POS software now.