Benefits of using mrakaf's Food Court POS System

Detailed Business Reports

Get WhatsNow add-on with your Food court POS System to compare the details of your daily sale with just a tap on your phone.

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Express Touch Billing

Avoid long queues and attract more customers by opening extra counters anytime and process faster orders with our On-Cloud Food Billing Software - ServQuick

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Repeat Orders and Customers

Get instant feedback from customers, know what they want and serve them better with myPulse feedback app

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Manage online orders

Streamline orders from any food aggregator portal by integrating it with the Food Court POS System and modify the menu and price as and when required.

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Inventory and Wastage

Reproduce your tasty dishes without compromising the taste by recording your ingredients and their respective quantity with our Recipe and Inventory Manager.

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Design Combo Packs

Cross-sell the slow-moving items with the best dishes and design an attractive combo pack with our Food Court Management Software to enhance your profits.

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Item Modifiers

Bring out a broad smile in customers by addressing their needs with a wide range of customized toppings/modifiers using our Food Court Management System

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Kitchen Display System

Get automated order status updates without visiting the kitchen with the Kitchen and Customer Display systems integrated with our Food Court Management System

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Do you own a large Restaurant Business?

We offer you with solutions that are tailor-made for your business from our Panel of Restaurant Experts

We offer you mrakaf's Best Food Court POS System
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Touch billing for fast food shop

mrakaf Tablet POS Add-on for your takeaway counters and pop-up shops


Get customer feedback to
deliver a delight experience

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Rediscover your loyal customers and pull them closer to your business with GoAlerts

GoAlerts is a cloud based real-time business monitoring tool to notify/send critical business information as SMS or E-Mail.

Some of our special features for Food Court Outlets

Comprehensive item list with images on your tablet and iPad for instant billing

Easy and intuitive touch billing POS that is capable of managing dine-ins, take-aways and deliveries

Choose the mode of dining with respect to each order for different service charges and packing charges in either case

Manage your toppings and modifiers from the order within seconds and give customers an express checkout experience

Efficient session manager for easy cash hand over to the next billing personnel.

Create, issue, return and recharge prepaid card payments

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Total control of your chain of Food courts with mrakaf's Food Court Management System

A Food Court POS system is a one-stop-shop to manage your orders, bills, inventory, wastage, accounts, and much more with ServQuick. Analyze the business reports, performance and manage your food court business operations and access them anytime with the WhatsNow application. Eliminate the need for manual work by automating the end-to-end order processing, thereby creating a hassle-free and delightful dining experience. Sign up for the 15 days free trial of our Food Billing Software and experience the free live demo.

Overview of Food Court POS Software

  • What is a Food Court Management System?
    Food Court Management software is a food court POS system that helps restaurateurs accelerate sales, profits, and customers by eradicating the manual efforts involved in order processing. With the help of its key features like instant order updates with Kitchen Display System (KDS), customized offers and combos, lightning-fast billing to avoid long queues, and integrated mobile app notifications, you can have control over your business operations with just a tap on the phone.
  • Need for a Food Court POS system
    Food courts are known for their tasty food varieties, and people swarm around them like bees to experience their taste. Hence, a proper Food Court Management system is needed for maintaining a hassle-free and hospitable environment for customers. A food court pos system allows you to customize the toppings and combos, thereby satisfying the customers' needs making it one of the much-needed factors of the food court. With instant order updates sent hot from the kitchen, it is easier to deliver faster orders leading to more delightful customers.
  • Benefits of using Food Court POS system

    - Food Billing Software offers a delightful guest experience by eradicating the waiting time of customers using express billing

    - With food court software, it is easier to categorize the best-selling and slow-moving dishes. It helps in improving the quality of food items, thereby attracting more customers.

    - Customer Relationship Management is an additional feature of the food court pos system that helps in maintaining a loyal customer base and gaining the attention of new customers

    - With live order status updates, the time taken to process orders reduces, thereby winning the hearts of customers.

    - With the wide range of customization of toppings and modifiers in the food court pos system, it is easy for the restaurant owners to fill the heart and tummies of customers.

  • Why is mrakaf the best Food Court POS system?
    mrakaf offers the best Food Court POS System as it has curated its application features to meet the business requirements of the food court business owners. With its easy integration with third-party aggregator portals, immediate updates of menu and price changes are done with just a few clicks. With its add-on features like WhatsNow, myPulse, and much more, you can experience effortless business operations from your mobile. Manage multiple kitchen outlets with ease using mrakaf's food court management software. mrakaf's food court software lets you enjoy serving customers even during peak hours without any hassle by offering automated KDS for live order status updates with a flash.
  • How to download the free Food court POS system from mrakaf?
    mrakaf's food court POS system can be downloaded easily with just a few clicks. Click the below link to download the restaurant and food court billing solution from mrakaf. You can take the help of the multiple help resources available on the site in case of any queries.