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Download and Experience realtime POS reports app WhatsNow

App to turn business data into actionable insights

Reduce inventory levels, Procure right and more

Talk to your business
Measure and improve business performance by knowing Top 5 selling items, non selling items and short expiry items
Analyze your path to Purchase
Purchase accurately, stock right by knowing the total Purchase vs sales value, product wise margin, return and damage
Change selling on the go
Modify the selling price of the items
which change on day-to-day basis directly from the palm of your hand.
Instant business notifications
Take complete control on your business with real time alerts on bill edit, zero stock, daily business summary
Operate business efficiently
Create and assign task to employees on any areas of improvement identified through WhatsNow
WhatsNow for chain stores
Get consolidated insights about your chain business individually, outlet wise and outlet group wise
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*Annual subscription is complimentary for 1 year from the date of purchase of POS
**Monthly subscription is complimentary for 1st month and applies only for cloud products/licenses
#Prices are exclusive of GST
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"I am becoming more and more addictive user of the App with real time push notifications on credit/discount bills, I am able to use my time effectively with the convenience of anywhere anytime access of the store performance data. I always used to monitor store data the next business day but with WhatsNow I have real-time info, thanks to mrakaf for the pleasant surprise"
Mr.ChandraKumar - Latta Supermarket

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  1. I have mrakaf POS and I want to get WhatsNow license, tell me how?
    Along with the mrakaf POS you will get 1 WhatsNow license which is complimentary for one year from the date of purchase of POS. Once you have completed the 1st year complimentary WhatsNow usage you can renew it with subscription charges.
  2. What if I have missed renewing my WhatsNow subscription on time? How can I get WhatsNow App?
    Not to worry if you have missed renewing your WhatNow Subscription on time. You can renew it separately any time at a cost of /license.with appropriate subscription charges. Request for quote to know the pricing.
  3. How many licenses can I get?
    No limit, any number of licenses can be purchased.
  4. What if I want to purchase additional licenses?
    Additional licenses can be purchased at a cost of /license. To know the price of additional licenses kindly request for quote.
  5. Can WhatsNow POS report app be connected to chain store outlets?
    Yes. WhatsNow HQ can help chain store owners to fetch their store data in single click
  6. Is Whatsnow supported for all of the mrakaf products?
    Yes, WhatsNow is available for all products like mrakaf RetailEasy, mrakaf ServeEasy, mrakaf ManageEasy, mrakaf Head Office, ServQuick and TruePOS.
  7. Can WhatsNow App be connected with 3rd party POS application?
    No, WhatsNow report app is an add-on which works only with mrakaf POS solution
  8. What is the minimum OS version that supports WhatsNow App?
    Android kitkat 4.4 and above and available on App store for iOS 6 version onwards
  9. How to integrate WhatsNow App to mrakaf POS ?
    Refer this help link to know more about integration of WhatsNow with mrakaf POS
  10. What benefits do I get from WhatsNow App?
    1. Increased sales
    2. Boost in profits with right purchase
    3. Earn more by rotating inventory faster
    4. Reduce inventory wastage
    5. Make the right decision all the time with access to right information and more benefits.
    6. Change price from anywhere, anytime.
*Prices are exclusive of GST