Key Features of Grocery Store Software

Purchase Accurately

Higher inventory turnover, lower operating cost

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Mobile billing

Beautiful front end for complex backend operations and analytics

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Touch integrated billing

Intuitive touch screen with multi-language support

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Cloud POS

Easy & quick setup, secured offline, easily scale up

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Digital ready

Payment, Loyalty, Bio-metric, Accounts

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Compete effectively

CRM Loyalty (64 offers) / Cloud SMS / E-mail Alerts

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Efficient Inventory

Standard, Assembly, Reorder, Repacking, Kit, Home delivery

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Protect your margins

Fix margins based on Supplier or Product/Landing cost calculation

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Gobill Introduction
Grocery shop software Grocery shop software Touch billing app for Grocery shop mobile billing software

Delight customers with express checkout using Grocery POS solutions on mobile

An efficient and productive queue buster

Get complete control of your retail Grocery Store chain with multi-location retail Grocery Shop management software

Single point security
Price Management from Head office
Centralized Master Data Management
Centralized Financial Control
Compare your business performance & get real time business analytics.
Multiple business models or Multi-business model
Grocery store management software

Best managed Grocery shops prefer to grow with mrakaf Grocery store management software, Find out why?

Simple and Easy
cloud-based POS for Grocery store

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Grocery store software that lets you increase sales with efficient inventory, re-order, expiry, return, and wastage management modules. Give express checkout experience with GoBill, the mobile billing app, get complete inventory control with GoSure, the stock auditing app, make timely decisions on the move with WhatsNow app, decision making app. Get repeated footfalls with promotions and loyalty management. Well-integrated financial accounting with GST e-filing. Try free grocery shop billing software with a 30days trial
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Overview of Grocery store management software

  • What is Grocery software?
    A Grocery software is a fast, reliable, and one-stop solution that facilitates easy and efficient operations by automating with the help of technology. The Grocery stores can manage all their store operations in a single software which includes Sales, Purchase, Inventory, Accounting, CRM, Loyalty, and many more. With Grocery shop software, one can remotely control and control multiple chain stores and take timely business decisions from anywhere.
  • Why do grocery shops need a Grocery store management system?
    A Grocery store management system helps the Grocery shops to streamline all the store operations well and run the business without any hassle. With a POS software for a Grocery store, you can offer the best customer experience, increase your customer retention rates and attract more customers. Only when you have a Grocery store software you can manage your inventory and get good control by knowing how to optimize the stocks without stockouts by purchasing right with real-time visibility.
  • Who uses Grocery shop POS software?
    Grocery businesses ranging from a single store to a multiple store chain outlet rely upon a good retail Grocery shop POS software to boost their business and drive more sales. Grocery management software helps the businesses to drive more profits by reducing manual errors with automation and digital solutions Small Grocery stores use Grocery POS software to keep up well with the changing demand and supply and make more sales, whereas businesses having multiple outlets use the Grocery POS to manage the supply chain across warehouses and outlets from a centralised digital platform.
  • Benefits of using a Grocery shop billing software
    A Grocery shop billing software helps you with,

    - Superfast checkout to customers without letting them to wait in long que

    - Accepting payments in different modes cash, cards and many more

    - Knowing your customer well, and attract them with offers, discounts and increase retention rates

    - Having a one stop solution to manage all sales, purchase, inventory, accounting and other activities

    - Getting inventory control, and assure 100% product availability to customers

    - Making timely business decisions with actionable insights from anywhere

    - Automating operations with digital solutions for an error-free process

  • Key features of a Grocery store management software?

    - Best inventory management for uninterrupted business

    - Highly secure, digital, omni channel and cloud solutions

    - Integrated solution for accounting

    - Customer, and employee management tools to increase sales

    - Supply chain management to control multiple grocery stores

  • How to choose right Grocery store Software?
    One has to look out for the best Grocery store software so that they can track the sales and have complete visibility over the transactions to grow the business. The software must help in automating the operations, manage customer relations and increase the sales. It must be digitally well equipped so that the business can be handled effectively to optimize the staff schedules and eliminate the errors by monitoring the business from anywhere.
  • Why is mrakaf the best Grocery shop POS software?
    mrakaf's Grocery shop POS software helps you grow your business efficiently by operating with minimal staff and the least skills required to use the software. mrakaf assures 100% accuracy in business data and reliability to run a business remotely and helps you delight your customers and increase business profits with high efficiency in all the business operations.
  • How to download free grocery store software from mrakaf?
    You can download mrakaf's Grocery POS software by clicking below.