Manage your E-commerce

Consolidate, Maintain, Track, Observe, Analyze & Sell

Integrating physical store (POS) to your online store (e-commerce) provides a retailer the opportunity to enable oneself in multiple channel. Meanwhile maintain consolidated stock, real time pricing and their status, which leads to increased customer base and revenue. Track and observe your customer buying behavior and their preferred channel which helps plan better for the next sale
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Real time retail analytic tool
E-commerce customer - Aala febrics
My time & effort has
significantly reduced to 80%
& increased productivity to 90%,
thanks to mrakaf.

Mr. Zeeshan
Owner, Aala Fabrics

Get instant update on orders

from multiple food ordering portals

By integrating multiple food ordering portals with POS solution, track the status of your customer orders instantly. Maintain different prices and deliver it to your customer tastes while keeping you connected to the portals always. Be informed about the ordering behaviour of your customer with the analytics available at your POS
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Real time retail analytic tool
Real time retail analytic tool
Other integrations
Help to improve revenue potential and reduce your operating cost
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mrakaf have not only implemented the solution within committed time but shared their knowledge and best industry practices in managing our business smoothly...

Mr. Saleem Jamal - MD, Poppat Jamal

Frequently asked questions
  1. What do you mean by E-commerce integration?
    A connect that is provided in between a POS and an Online portal that lets you multiply your sale in multi-channel
  2. Who can use this E-commerce integration tool?
    Any retailer who uses mrakaf POS and has his/her own portal/ marketplace can use this tool to consolidate the sale, inventory, pricing of the items at the POS and in the website
  3. How does the integration happen?
    We provide a tool(API) which helps in establishing a connect between the POS and the online portal
  4. What benefits do I get out of this integration?
    Instant connect with your online store. This enables you to track orders, sales, inventory, monitor pricing
  5. Why should I integrate my E-commerce portal with your POS?
    Enabling yourself in multiple channel will increase your customer reach and business revenue
  6. Can we integrate more than one portal/ marketplace?
    Yes. Multiple portal/ marketplace can be integrated with mrakaf POS
  7. I want to learn more about E-commerce integration. What would you suggest?
    Drop in an email to
  8. What is the cost for E-commerce integration with the POS?
    Pricing details for the E-commerce integration is available in
  9. Can you integrate our portal with 3rd party POS?
    No. We support integration only with mrakaf POS
  10. Can mrakaf build the portal for me?
    No. mrakaf only provides an integration tool to your existing E-commerce portal/marketplace