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GoAlerts is a cloud based real-time business monitoring tool to notify/send critical business information as SMS or E-Mail. This helps Retailers not only save time, but also gain better control over their delivery process. GoAlerts Instant Messaging service to control information flow in and out of your branches, as well as across branches and between branches and head office, with Alert module. This in turn helps you create win-win relationship with customers, suppliers and other stakeholders.

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  • Alert
    Alert the manager when the stock level reaches minimum for better utilization.
  • Red Alert
    When an employee types wrong password for manger's login or when he stops the daily backup schedule process mid-way at EOD.
  • Security Alert
    Alert the manager as soon as an employee cancels a bill, applies unsanctioned discounts or edits the bill without prior approval.
  • Welcome Message
    Greet new customers, as well as on special occasions such as festivals, birthdays etc.
  • Business Alert
    Send a daily summary of sales/purchase report as PDF to the line manager at a scheduled time.
  • Loyalty Reminder
    Remind your customers by sending them loyalty points calculated from their last purchase.
  • Instant Usage
    No more installation. Sign-up and start using instantly.
Alert helps us keep in touch with customers at any time. We are able to send them SMS after every purchase made. I strongly feel Alert will become an integral part of mrakaf solutions
- Mothers Medicals
Of all the features in Alert, the messaging feature linked to SMS gateway really makes this stand apart. Add to this, the fail-safe support provided by Alert team on product doubts and queries
Mr. Siva
- Kingson Supermarket
Your Plans. Your Privileges.
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Plans for 3rd Party Bulk SMS (TPM) providers
Freedom to Choose your 3rd Party Bulk SMS providers basis your need and we will integrate it with your mrakaf solution with the shared API. Annual charges for integration apply as follows:

Note :- All SMS packages mentioned above are inclusive of DLT scrubbing charges of Rs.0.025+GST /SMS. DLT scrubbing charges are not inclusive in 3rd party messaging plans
SMS Branding
Send SMS with own brand name in the GoAlertss SMS Packs
Note :- Branding not applicable for 3rd Party Bulk SMS (TPM)
Branding the SMS
1. GoAlerts Lease for Indian residents only.
2. When the user renews their plan before the validity period, the previous SMS balances will get accumulated with the new SMS limit or else will get the new plan SMS limit
3.In addition to SMS, E-mail alerts can also be configured and sent provided there is valid SMS balance within the validity period.
4. All the prices above mentioned are inclusive of taxes.
  1. What is GoAlerts?
    A Mobile SaaS solution that helps you to send notifications or Alert of the transactions / trade from your business management software. You can configure events, message formats and send bulk SMS(s) to notify your customers and employees/company representatives.
  2. Who can use GoAlerts?
    All RPOS retailers can use GoAlerts. GoAlerts is seamlessly integrated with RPOS solution. Customers can easily integrate GoAlerts by clicking signup link from the product. Those who require customized applications can contact Very soon it'll be available with other mrakaf solutions.
  3. How does it work?
    It works with mrakaf Retail solutions. Critical business information from these products (running in the respective stores/shops) is notified in real time to a mobile device.
  4. There are other solutions in the market. Why should I choose your solution?
    GoAlerts is directly integrated with mrakaf suite of products. All events and exceptions are handled in real time. It helps you to save time in tracking and monitoring your business process and focus on decision-making. It also helps you to gain better control, integrate your business processes and gives the power to prevent, rather than react to potential show-stoppers in your company processes.
  5. What are the types of reports available in Alert?
    GoAlerts has an in-built dashboard that displays day-wise status report for the number of SMS sent, delivered etc., as well as separate reports on each and every SMS sent, invalid mobile number details and so on. In addition, you can schedule module-wise reports including but not limited to sales, purchase, stock, payments and receipts.
  6. Do I need an internet to work with?
    Yes, internet is mandatory for GoAlerts since this is a cloud based application.
  7. Will GoAlerts work throughout the world?
    At present, SMS Alert service is avaiable across the world only. You can contact for more info on other countries.
  8. Is GoAlerts a desktop application?
    No, it is a SaaS service. You can enable configurations and get reports from the web only.
  9. What are the pricing plans for GoAlerts?
    Alert is available on 'Pay as Go' model. You can choose the pricing plans from here
  10. How I can buy or renew it?
    In our product itself, there is a provision to buy or renew plans by using credit/debit card or net-banking payment method.
  11. Can I use my Shop name as a Brand name for sending SMS?
    Yes, you can use your Shop name as a Brand name. It will be tagged in your sender ID; maximum characters allowed is 6. Separate charges are applicable for this feature.