Specially crafted distribution billing software for Ice cream distributors

FMCG distributon management solution
Maintains efficient and centralized inventory management and ensures optimum stock is available with the help of Ice cream distributor billing software. Also, have complete track of a product's life cycle from PO to delivery and returns.
Best Ice cream software to take stock in a van and bill on the go with real-time offers and outstanding details. Create cash or credit bills and print on the go with a Bluetooth printer
Set different prices for specific customers, categories, or areas. Also, Ice cream distribution billing software allows you to give unique offers to each customer and make them feel valued, and strengthen your bond with them
Control your raw material as per your need and make a production plan, issue a bill of materials, and calculate wastages with quality control at every stage of the process using Ice cream distribution software

Transform your business with the right digital tools


Take orders, create receipts and bill on the go with a sales force automation app

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An online ordering portal with credit terms and outstanding details to measure and improve service levels.

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Complete control of your multi-location Ice cream Distribution Chain

FMCG chain store distribution management

“ mrakaf has given us a simple but powerful solution. I have seen the productivity of my salesmen increase by 80% with EarnSmart. Since I started using the production module, we have started following best practises. This has helped improve working capital efficiency significantly ”

Mr. Subash,

Proprietor, PonPon Sweets, Mangalore

(40 year old sweets and snacks manufacturer distributing all over Karnataka)

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Overview of Icecream distribution Billing Software

  • What is Icecream distribution billing software?
    An Icecream distribution billing software is more than just a billing software helping your sales force to take orders on the go with effective mobile apps and real-time order processing and billing in your distribution business. The Ice cream distribution software helps you with managing the FSSAI number of your products to ensure a good quality product to the retailers. Most importantly the Ice cream distribution software helps you understand the need and the demand of the products required for the supply and act accordingly.
  • Why do Icecream distribution businesses need Icecream distribution billing software?
    An Icecream distribution billing software comes with recipe management and effective production management helping you introduce new products to your customers and give them a variety of choices. It comes with area beat masters helping you map the in charge sales reps and delivery boys with all the shops mapped in that area to ensure no order or delivery is missed out. It also comes with CRM tools to increase customer engagement and more suggestions of products to their store increasing sales and customer satisfaction.
  • Benefits of using an Icecream distribution Billing Software
    With the best FMCG software, business owners can enjoy the following benefits,

    - Manage stocks and complete business operation in warehouse, production house, and godowns in real time

    - Powerful reports on all business operations to take timely business decisions and act smartly

    - Take orders on the go and convert them to invoices during the delivery or even make direct invoices during the supply of your products

    - Have complete control over your customer's outstanding credit and credit limit

    - Complete production management to introduce new products to the market

    - File your GST easily by generating reports with the inbuild accounting solution

    - Make your salesman carry a handy product catalog with a live products list in the mobile application with the complete inventory details

    - Inbuilt CRM and schemes to improve customer engagement and stay ahead in competition

  • Why choose mrakaf's Icecream Distribution Software?
    mrakaf's Icecream distribution software automates all your business operations from sales, purchase, inventory, statutory with minimal skills. It comes with features like shelf-life management, manufacturing, and expiry management preventing the wastage of your products. The distribution software also comes with online and web order portals to let your customers place orders to your business from anywhere and anytime. It also comes with an efficient sales force automation mobile app to drive your sales force's productivity and attain the best out of them with inbuilt tracking of salesforce.
  • How to download free Icecream distribution software from mrakaf?
    You can download mrakaf's Icecream distribution software by clicking below.