Mobile ERP applications for Retail, Restaurant, and Distribution (coming Soon)!

Stay Competitive, Be Efficient, Go Digital
Retail store business information app
  • Want your store information right now?
  • Get actionable business insights within 10 seconds
  • Real-time notification on store happenings
  • Create and resolve tasks, Monitor your business on-the-go
  • Easy, intuitive mobile POS for superior shopping experience and faster checkouts
  • Effective queue buster for express checkouts
  • Less hardware, furniture and retail space investment
  • Anywhere billing with offline mode
Feedback app logo
  • Improve your customer service and satisfaction
  • Take online and offline feedback surveys. Share feedback links through SMS/e-mail
  • Personalized app with your logo and a thank you message
  • Measure satisfaction levels with real-time reports
  • Add predictability, efficiency and speed to your QSR with
  • Easy ordering, faster checkout
  • 20+ reports to track fast moving, hourly sales, non-selling items
  • Manage single and multiple stores with ease, scale up your business
"mrakaf ServQuick is very intuitive,very very simple and very scalable POS, one of the best seen so far..."
- Amadora Gourmet Ice Cream and Sorbet, Chennai
"mrakaf ServQuick is very intuitive,very very simple and very scalable POS, one of the best seen so far..."
- Amadora Gourmet Ice Cream and Sorbet, Chennai
  • Faster, Reliable Service for your restaurant needs
  • Communicate between kitchen and your guests by managing their orders and taste preferences
  • Bill 100% of KOT's and prevent revenue leakage
  • Let the steward be the best host by having 100% service time
"It's a wonderful app for restaurant industry and for mobile KOT and order takings"
- Burger Junction, Kochi
"It's a wonderful app for restaurant industry, for mobile KOT and order taking"
- Burger Junction, Kochi
  • Maintain stocks accurately, manage purchase inwards quickly and make your picking hassle-free

StockTake - Be confident of your inventory with your regular stock counting, say "Yes" to employee free time and "No" to skill

GRN - Right start for right stock, approve and finish purchase inwards immediately from any place

StockPick - Make your pick easy, error-free and hastle-free, promising delight in every order

"If you want to do stock counting systematically, then GoSure is the right product for you"
Mr. Vikram - Manager, Shree Padmavathi Supermarket
"InStock is the right product for stock counting systematically"
Mr. Vikram - Manager, Shree Padmavathi Supermarket
  • Transform your business into an omnichannel store and serve your customers better
  • Set-up your customized online store app in Android/IOS easily, with your brand name and logo within a matter of few days
  • Process 40-50% more orders with an app integrated to your backend ERP
  • Deliver 100% delight to the customers by serving accurate orders with real-time stock updation of items in your app
  • Want to Increase order value, Reduce your lost orders?
  • Instant stock check, no more stock-outs
  • Boost product sales, take orders remotely
  • Smart collections, on-spot receipts
"By using EarnSmart, Sales Reps save 40% time and get real-time stock updates"
- Muthu Group, Chennai
"By using EarnSmart, Sales Reps save 40% time and get real-time stock updates"
- Muthu Group, Chennai
  • Let your customers make informed decisions independently
  • Service your customers with less salesman involvement - Self-scan to view prices, offers, nutrition facts label and MFG/EXP details of the products
  • Higher customer retention - Boost your customer footfall with a personalized shopping experience
  • Make your customers shopping experience addictive by assisting them with right decision making
"GoCheck helps customers shop without much help from salesman. Real-time information on products reduces the employee training time"
Mr. Tahir - Owner, Apple Mart
"Customers started to shop addictively without much help from Salesmen"
Mr. Tahir - Owner, Apple Mart
  • Beat the growing online competition and secure your future
  • Now offer your customers the added advantage of quicker delivery time with the help of Google maps navigation
  • Track the money and manage the receivables from the delivery boys with session management
  • Keep your customers informed on the real-time updates of status of delivery with SMS
"GoDeliver has given me confidence that I can manage my home deliveries with staffs having minimal skills"
Mr. Zainul Abidheen - Owner, Kanchi Super Market
"I can manage my home deliveries with staffs having minimal skills"
Mr. Zainul Abidheen - Owner, Kanchi Super Market
  • Analytics on your retail store's performance
  • Track outlet-wise business with graphical reports
  • Check % increase/decrease in business in one tap
  • Create periodical events, compare and invest right for next season
"Nice and unique app for realtime monitoring of my business. Reports and analysis of all my branches seen in one click"
Mr.Krishna Harjani, Pariwar trading,Madhya Pradesh
"No problem how many branches you have, you can see all reports in one click"
Mr.Krishna Harjani, Pariwar trading,Madhya Pradesh
  • Give your customers an express checkout experience
  • Create bills seamlessly with wireless barcode scanners and printers
  • Take order and deliver at door steps
  • Double your sales and market reach with van sales, kiosk sales and pop-up shops
  • Add mobility to your service
  • Raise support tickets, chats, track till resolution or escalate
  • Know more about your product - latest releases, apps, videos and more
  • Get the best service every time with your happiness rating, share references
"Super app. I liked it so much... I can trace my registered tickets in one touch. Nice app"
Mr. Arumugam cse

Overview of Mobile ERP solutions

  • What is a Mobile ERP app?
    A Mobile ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a system that helps you access and your business from wherever you are with the help of dedicated ERP mobile apps by helping you automate the business operations, including purchase, inventory, CRM, loyalty, accounting, and many more for improved profitability, productivity, and customer delight.
  • Why do businesses need ERP mobile applications?
    In the Digital era, it is highly essential for businesses to have digital mobile ERP solutions to eliminate systematic inefficiencies and improve employee productivity with the right tools. It allows to access the data from anywhere, anytime and helps in turning the real-time data into actionable insights. A Mobile ERP software removes the communication gap between the managers and their employees, and helps them respond to customer needs quicker, work proactively with increased productivity.
  • Advantages of Mobile ERP software?
    Mobile ERP software helps in aligning the business operations and promote revenue growth. With Mobile ERP applications businesses can,

    - Streamline the supply chain, and manage remotely from anywhere

    - Make data-driven decisions with real-time information at the fingertips

    - Boost the operational efficiency with the ERP on mobile devices

    - Simplify the tiring tasks of employees and guarantee accuracy by automating the operations

    - Track the business across multiple locations and departments

    - Reduce the turnaround time, increases employee productivity with greater visibility

  • Why is mrakaf the best mobile ERP solution?
    mrakaf ERP solutions help businesses to control the ERP operations efficiently with agile adoption of tools to transform digitally, for improved profitability, automation, productivity with mobile solutions. mrakaf's mobile apps help to,

    - Get actionable business insights with real-time notification on store happenings

    - Set up an express checkout sales counter with one-touch mobile billing and easy payment options for super-fast checkouts

    - Have complete inventory control by setting the stocks right by automating purchase inwards, stock taking, and order processing operations

    - Track outlet-wise business with a business analytics mobile app

    - Allows your customers to make informed decisions independently by checking the prices

    - Helps to transform your business online, with a dedicated consumer ordering app for your store

    - Make smart deliveries with minimal costs, skills, and manpower with a delivery management app

  • Does mrakaf offer ERP android app?
    Yes, mrakaf offers ERP android apps to simplify business operations, and amplify the profit levels. These mobile ERP softwares helps to enjoy 100% accuracy by automating the tasks, to avoid manual errors and minimize the dependencies. These ERP android apps helps in making quick decisions, and streamline all the business activities across multiple locations and boosts customer delight.