Key Features of Gift Shop POS software


Track non-moving, category and age-wise, stock and sales reports

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Quickly start pop-up shops and bill from your smartphone

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Touch integrated billing

Intuitive touch screen with multi-language support

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Ensure best service delivery and win your customer's loyalty

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Cloud POS

Easy and quick setup, secured offline, expand and grow

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Auto Parts and Hardware

Maintain large inventory, sell in units of kgs, pieces, sq.ft, litres. Different pricing levels for same product and sell with ease

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Books and Stationery

Search books by author name, genres and track with ISBN number. Sell at book fares with SellSmart billing app

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Spa and Salon POS

Fix, manage customer appointments and deliver best service. Get service feedback instantly with myPulse mobile app

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Pets, Sports and Games

Categorize pet products as food, grooming, medicine and accessory. Age based sports and games. Sell related items with offers

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Planning to sell in an exhibition or want to start a pop-up shop instantly?

Easily extend your business location with GoBill, a tablet based billing app

Setup express checkout
Touch billing for retail book shop

Complete control on multi-location Gift Shops with our Gift Shop POS Management software

Redeem from any store: Centralized Loyalty with OTP, gift vouchers and discount coupons
No loss of sales due to zero stock. Look up stocks from other stores and win deals
Configure outlet specific offers and festive season pricing right from HO
Compare your business performance and get real time business analytics.
Centralized Master data and Integrated accounting
Free up working capital with excess stock transfer from any outlet to performing outlets
POS software for multi sports store

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Ecommerce integration for auto parts shop

Integrate POS with your
E-commerce Business

Increase revenue potential and reduce operating costs

Simple and Easy specialized POS for Gifts shops

Now, it's "sign-up, set-up and serve"

E commerce integration for paints shop
User-friendly POS and billing solution developed for specialized retailing Gifts shop that helps the retailers to categorize and classify inventory properly for timely replenishment of stock and sales, reducing manual efforts and errors, pilferage and losses and provide an enhanced and smooth experience to your customer. Experience our Gift shop POS software free trial for 30 days.
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Overview of Gifts shop POS software

  • What is Gifts shop POS software?
    Gifts shop POS software is a solution that helps the Gifts shops and fancy stores to have complete control over their business by managing the sales, purchase, inventory, CRM, loyalty, and accounting all in a single software. A Gifts shop POS system helps retailers with the ways of selling profitably by attracting customers with customized offers and discounts without affecting the margin.
  • Why do Gift shops need a Gift shop management system?
    A Gift shop management software helps the stores,

    - Optimize and organize the stocks well for attracting a variety of customers

    - Carryout the billing operations with high speed and accuracy

    - Configure images with the products for good tracking and visibility of items

    - Know the customer well and offer discounts during special days to bring repeated footfalls

    - Have customized pricing based on the customers and boost the retention rates

    - Reduce manual efforts and errors by automating the transactions

    - Manage different categories of items with complete control and visibility

  • Benefits of using a Gift shop POS billing software
    There are various benefits that Gifts shop businesses can enjoy when they use Gift shop POS software.

    - Tracks the gift articles based on their categories and combinations

    - Attract different target groups with customized offers and boost the customer retention rates

    - Keep in touch with the customers and remind them in advance about the special events, offer attractive discounts and sell more

    - Scale up the business when you can manage multiple stores from a centralized system

    - Know the latest trends, and procure the right products and satisfy the customers

    - Offer online ordering, and doorstep deliveries to the customers place and stay ahead of competitions with a good order processing system

  • How to choose the right POS system for Gifts shop?
    Look out for these features before selecting your Gift shop POS software.

    - Support to maintain different categories, colors, and variants of the gift articles

    - Get the insights of the fast moving, and slow moving stocks, and purchase the right stock

    - Real-time updates to work on the insights and take on-time business decisions from anywhere

    - Faster checkouts by scanning the right variant with item based barcodes

    - Provide discounts, offers, and configure prices based on the customer category to sell more

    - Loyalty programs to make customers feel recognized and special

    - Business reports of various aspects to understand the performance from anywhere

  • Why is mrakaf the best Gift shop POS software?
    mrakaf's Gift shop POS helps you stay ahead of competition by offering the best digital and mobile solutions to accelerate your business. You can make more money with same investments with the help of the omnichannel solutions provided with mrakaf's Gift shop POS software for online ordering, processing and delivery. With mrakaf Alerts, you can stay connected with your customers and keep them notified with the ongoing offers, discounts and excite them on their special days. mrakaf helps you manage all your store operations with the digital on premise and Cloud POS solutions that helps you have great control of your business activities, and achieve great productivity even with minimum staff and the least skills.
  • How to download free Gift shop POS from mrakaf?
    You can download mrakaf's Gifts POS by clicking below.