Key Features of mrakaf ServeEasy Restaurant POS System


Guest seating and service

Restaurant business is incomplete without a comprehensive KOT

  • A quick glance dashboard to help restaurant managers quickly know the table summary - which is occupied and available
  • Flexible friendly touch screen UI : counter staff/steward/cashier can work fast and accurately
  • Identify which 'Captain' and 'Steward' is serving which table and the number of guests. Monitor dine in, take away and delivery
  • Merging of KOTs and convert a KOT to bill are made simpler. Easy tracking on pending and canceled KOT. Printing of food menus happen in respective kitchens
  • Absolute clarity on combo and special offer details in billing
  • A big family is dining in many tables? Merge their bills with ease. A gang of friends celebrating a party? Dutch their bills in an instant. Allow your foodies enjoy their time and keep them coming back.

Online Orders Management

Handling your online orders is now simpler and more efficient

Online Orders Management
mrakaf Online order management is the modern solution for a new age restauranter, have end to end operational control of all online orders from any online aggregator!
  • Struggling between multiple screens of online food aggregators? Process online orders directly from a single screen in the pos
  • Manage Items to be shown across the online portals. You no longer have to depend on any aggregator for changing your online menu. Do it instantly from POS!
  • Control multiple outlets from a single screen and list them across the food portals as per your convenience.
  • Boost your business with accurate reports and have the upper hand to negotiate with your food aggregator.

Recipe and Menu management

deliver consistent taste that foodies enjoy by controlling the recipes

Recipe management
  • Lets say you are baking 1kg of cake, configure their ingredients in the software and maintain consistency of taste; i.e. - how much gms of flour will be used, gms of sugar, liter of milk, ml of syrup/flavors and more
  • Create recipe banks by mapping relevant ingredients which are in different UOM's(unit of measurements)
  • Accurate food costing with our Food Costing Reports(FCR) along with variance. Recipe costs can be arrived based on the utilization and wastage at the end-of the day
  • Dynamic recipe made possible with features like adding substitutes, modifiers, classifiers, style and design

ServJoy - Order taking restaurant mobile app

for a smarter Steward who can serve guests with a smile

ServJoy app, ensures every preference of a guest is captured. Be it - the priority of the order to be served, choice of ingredients to be used, portions to be served; 1/2, 1/3 etc and instantly inform it to the kitchen. Stewards walking time between to kitchens are reduced to spend more time in serving guests
  • All restaurants globally lose 2% of their revenues - either KOTs are forgotten to be billed or in some bills some items are not billed, ServJoy arrests this pilferage 100%
  • With accurate and faster control over the tables, number of guests seated, waiters serving them, watch table wise order summary, order duration, invoke KOT, initiate billing and more. KOT to settlement in one touch
Order taking mobile app

Inventory and Production

Plan, prepare and produce to maximize profit

Food business involves - purchasing the right quantity ingredients and optimally using them in preparing the food so that the cost in producing them is minimal, avoiding any wastage to increase profits. The production process helps in arriving at the exact costing of preparing a dish - it will include the cost of ingredients, electricity, labor cost, packing cost and more
  • Production planning will help to calculate how much inventory of ingredients is required for preparing the food
  • Day-end easy auditing of inventory made simplified with physical inventory methodologies which enables accurate measure of pilferage
  • Accurately get reports of what ingredients were issued, actual production, wastage and costing

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Inventory and production management

Tip and Check handling

make bills and account for tips with ease

  • Make bills with a touch. Our touch screen POS helps quick and easy billing with image menus and tender options
  • Convert KOTs to bills in an instant from ServJoy mobile app as well
  • Merge bills of different tables with waiter names or split bills of guests in a single table, dutch billing and more at least effort
  • Guests today like to offer tips today through cards payments as well, our POS has the capability to account tips received from both cash and card

Customer offers and Loyalty

Delight the guests and earn their loyalty

  • Monday through Thursday and between 6:30pm and 8pm seeing less crowd? Activate 'Happy hour' offers with discounted pricing and keep your restaurant buzzing
  • Create combo packs, ex: a combo of a burger, choice of drink, fries and dessert and serve them based on customer preferences
  • Release coupon codes, vouchers as inserts in newspaper and mass distribute them to pull more foodies to the outlet
  • Have offers customized for different categories of customers like - corporates, regulars, students and more
  • SMS greetings to customers, announce discounts on their birthdays, offers and keep in regular touch
Customer offers and loyalty

Food costing and Wastage reports

accurate inventory reports help keep supplies fresh and controls food cost

Recipe management
  • Ingredients utilization Vs physical stock can be verified to make appropriate decisions
  • Graphical Dashboard of Top 'N' recipe sales, customers and suppliers for quick and easy understanding of business
  • Wastage and pilferage reports to monitor everyday loss
  • Get accurate reports on what ingredients are well consumed and what is wasted. Optimize next purchase to profit more

POS Integrations

Now integrating mrakaf POS with your online store made easy

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Cloud for QSR

Android, iPad, Web the best ever Cloud POS for QSR

Cloud qsr pos
Fast food businesses mainly rely on scaling up the business and right technology can aid this decision. Be it increasing the number of orders per day or items per bill or scaling upto many stores, the key is faster billing with easy usability and of-course this is possible with a simple and easy iPad App know more

Restaurant Chain business management

Comprehensive solution for restaurant chains. Get a live telecast of the business operations and performance with mrakaf's Headquartered centralized management software which helps in consolidating the data from the many kitchens or outlets

Security Control

Complete and effective control for your store operations

Authorization and access to store data is configurable role or user based. Role based access to different users like cashier, supervisor, manager and administrator is configurable. Depending on the roles, user can be configured to access specific product screens or process. Multiple levels of security with an option to set password for login or product screens is also possible

Delivery and Order Management

Take orders and deliver them with ease

  • Increase order capability and reach more customers, through our centralized Call center module
  • Foolproof order taking process from human errors by capturing order specific details such as delivery date/time, special requirements and advance receipt details etc.
  • Manage and track door delivery process by properly assigning drivers or delivery boys
  • Have offers customized for different categories of customers like - corporates, regulars, students and more

Integrated accounting

Budgeting, Cash flow analysis, Ledger management and much more

  • Get accurate status on cash and bank balance
  • Print account statements and Cheques from books such as ledger, journals etc. with Easy Print design tool
  • Age-wise outstanding for customers and suppliers to help you to have better visibility
  • Auto schedule your periodical book posting activities like rent entry
  • Manage your receivables and payables and efficiently track deposited, bounced and post-dated cheques using Cheque management module

Restaurant Business Boosters

Invest what suits you today and upgrade as the needs increase. Add features, stores and other capabilities as and when it is required