Complete Restaurant management system that does more than a POS!

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Complete Restaurant management system that does more than a POS!

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Key Features of mrakaf's Restaurant Management Software

Simplified restaurant operations with ERP solutions to manage KOT, online orders and delivery

Restaurant Point of Sale

Quick and efficient restaurant billing at your fingertips. Get visual representation of table availability status, steward availability, due-bills and KOT - all at a glance using our restaurant software

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online ordering and delivery

Integrate online orders from any food aggregator directly into your restaurant management system. Serve more customers and orders by efficiently managing delivery with your own delivery App

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Data Back-up and Security

Gosecure ensures that your business data is in safe hands with real time backup on cloud. The BaaS tool is secure, reliable and easy to restore ensuring 100% business continuity of your restaurant operations

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Production and Recipe management

Improve accuracy in your kitchen. Take control of your recipes by mapping them to their ingredients to preserve consistent taste. Manage prices effectively by calculating production cost incurred in the most simple way using our restaurant software

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CRM and Loyalty

Attract foodies and non-foodies alike with personalized offers, coupons, vouchers, happy hour offers and much more – and keep them coming back for more!

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Business Intelligence

Simple and actionable reports to manage your day-to-day operations smoothly. Generate real-time dashboards using our restaurant software with more than 350+ MIS reports for quick decision making, understanding trends, and optimizing operations

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Process delivery and take away orders, maximize profits with online restaurant management
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online restaurant management system
Assure 100% hassle free deliveries through real-time delivery status updates with restaurant delivery management
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restaurant delivery management software

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Using mrakaf in all 6 stores. Excellent features that saves upto 50% of operational time

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Overview of Restaurant Management Software

  • What is Restaurant Management System?
    Restaurant management software, commonly referred to as RMS, is a collection of software that reduces the dependency of restaurant operations on human staff, by simply automating them. The entire range of operations - including table management, order management, menu creation and management, inventory management, loyalty management - are streamlined with the help of a restaurant management software. RMS also provides real-time reports that are helpful in deriving actionable insights.
  • Why do restaurants need a Restaurant management system?
    Restaurant operations can sometimes seem overwhelming, posing a wide array of challenges for the owner & the staff. A restaurant management system assists in the following tasks:

    - Management of menu items and sale bills

    - Improve employee experience by reducing manual efforts

    - Process orders faster by generating kitchen order tickets (KOTs)

    - Delight customers with discounts and loyalty rewards

    - Keep a constant check on your inventory & send alerts if restocking is required

    - Safe and secure data access from anywhere, anytime

    - Get actionable insights through real-time reports

  • Restaurant management system vs Restaurant POS
    Restaurant POS

    - Restaurant point-of-sale (POS) software is the basic requirement for every type of restaurant

    - It allows the restaurant staff to create and manage menus, record transactions, and process payments

    - It is ideal for smaller size restaurants e.g., snack shops, juice shops or quick service restaurants (QSRs)

    Restaurant management system

    - Restaurant management system, on the other hand, consists of sofware that automates every aspect of a restaurant's operations

    - In addition to the features offered by a restaurant POS software, a restaurant management system supports the staff with other functionalities such as table management, order management, inventory management, marketing management etc

    - Restaurant management system is ideal for dine-in restaurants, cloud kitchens or a chain of restaurants - where the scale of operations is large an it is essential to monitor and control important aspects of the business such as ingredient stock, recipe management, order processing, customer experience, finances and monitoring performance

  • Key Features of a Restaurant management system (RMS)
    Understanding the key features of a good restaurant management system makes the process of choosing one easy and simple:

    - Table management: Table management, if unorganized, can become an operational nightmare for restaurant owners. A good restaurant management system allows provisions to guide the visitors to the available tables, and map the corresponding wait staff accordingly.

    - Menu & recipe management: Restaurant software also has a built-in provision for recording & storing menu items, their recipes and the corresponding list of items required to prepare the same. It also allows flexibility to add or delete items based on the availability of the dish or the ingredients.

    - Order management: Kitchen operations have to be streamlined to ensure the success of a restaurant business. Restaurant management software must have a kitchen order ticket (KOT) generator, enabling a faster and efficient processing of orders.

    - Inventory management: Food is neither a frugal resource, nor does it have a long shelf life. Ordering the right quantity of ingredients at the right time, therefore, is essential for every restaurant. By installing a restaurant software, restaurant owners & kitchen staff can monitor their inventory.

    - Finance & accounting management: Finance management is the cornerstone of a good restaurant management software, as it is crucial for a restaurant to track every transaction and create bills without any hassle. The restaurant owner will require less effort during the tax season by installing a tax management feature.

    - Customer relationship management: Acquiring & retaining customers can seem like a huge challenge for any restaurant. It is important to reward loyal customers and incentivize new customers to improve customer experience. A restaurant management software provides you with marketing management tools to accomplish the same.

    - Delivery management: Online orders constitute the major bulk of a restaurant's business, because customers prefer being able to order food online from a place of their convenience. Restaurant software with online ordering portal feature helps in aggregating these orders and saves time, effort & money.

  • Benefits of using Restaurant software
    Installing a restaurant software can benefit your business in more ways than one:

    - Reduce wait time to ensure a delightful customer experience

    - Enhance the restaurant experience for your external customers as well as your internal customers, i.e. your employees.

    - Save costs and minimize food wastage

    - Take control of your menu & recommend your best-selling dishes to your customers

    - Maintain consistency in service quality

    - Stay stocked up and ensure smooth restaurant operations

    - Track every transaction and plan your expenditure based on accurate data

    - Improve profitability by understanding and monitoring your cost & selling price

    - Attract new customers & convert loyal customers into brand advocates by offering discounts

  • Why is mrakaf the best Restaurant management system?
    mrakaf is the best restaurant management system that allows you to automate your restaurant operations and helps you grow your business with the least training & minimal staff required. mrakaf's restaurant management software comes with in-built modules to manage all aspects of your business - from reserving tables for your customers, to planning and monitoring your ingredients stock, to creating attractive discounts for existing and new customers. mrakaf restaurant management software also comes with integrations to streamline online orders from various online food aggregators on a single screen. mrakaf restaurant management system provides multiple digital solutions in different modules, such as OrderEasy for online ordering, GoDeliver for delivery management, WhatsNow for complete business assistance, myPulse for customer feedback management. It has also been awarded the "Best Software 2021" by Software Suggest, and recognized as one of the Restaurant POS software by GetApp, Capterra, Software Advice and Crozdesk.
  • How to choose the right Restaurant software?
    While choosing a restaurant software, the following factors are to be considered:

    - User Experience: Ensure that the restaurant management software you adopt is intuitive, easy to navigate and simple to learn. This reduces training efforts and improves user experience of the restaurant staff.

    - Customer Experience: In the end, smoother restaurant operations translate into a delightful customer experience. When you consider the right restaurant software, ensure it has features that help you in making reservations, splitting bills, offering discounts, taking credit payments etc.

    - Accessing Data: Cloud-based restaurant software is beneficial for restaurant businesses as they do not require the user to operate from a single point or system. You should have the flexibility to update your menu or add a new menu item from a place of your convenience.

    - Data Security: You must choose a restaurant management software that has systems in place for automatic data backups, data encryption to protect sensitive customer data as well as organizational data, and in-built provisions for controlling access to certain features of the software.

    - Inventory Management: Look for a restaurant software that eases your inventory management process with simple inputs. Aside from keeping a check on your stock, you must also be able to anticipate when to make the next purchase, or when you have to reorder certain items.

    - Report Generation: Restaurant business runs on smaller margins when compared to businesses of other nature. Therefore, it is essential to check every transaction to identify the expenditure involved. Choose a restaurant software which generates real-time insights, aiding you to make data-driven decisions.

  • How to download free Restaurant management software from mrakaf?
    mrakaf offers a free trial of restaurant management software which you can download and experience with just a few clicks. You can even migrate your current restaurant business master data onto the restaurant software and experience the features with the help of self-serviceable resources.
    Click here to download free restaurant management software.
  • What is the cost of Restaurant management system?
    The cost of Restaurant management system can range anywhere between INR 10,000 to INR 50,000 per user per year, based on the requirement of the restaurant owner. mrakaf's Restaurant management software starts at a price of INR 500 per user per month.
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