Benefits of using mrakaf's Stationary Shop Management Software

Intelligent BI for product / category wise, non-moving with weekly analysis of sales / profit margins


Know your top selling products and top spending customers

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Cloud POS

Bill customers without installing a point of sales software, track inventory faster from point of purchase to sale

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E-commerce integration

Make your online presence with E-commerce integration with the Stationery software

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Make sales orders and bills using tablet billing from exhibitions, expos and anywhere

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Purchase management

Automate your purchase operations by converting purchase orders to purchase using Stationery management system

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Multiple locations

Manage all your operations of different sections and locations under a single Stationery POS

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Barcode generation

Print your own barcodes and manage unique barcodes for products to process hassle free billing

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Powerful reports on each business operations to help you take business decisions

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Complete control on multi-location stationary stores with Stationary Shop POS software

Redeem from any store - Centralized Loyalty, Gift voucher and discount coupon
Configure outlet specific offers, pricing from HO
Centralized Integrated Accounting
Centralized master data - Quickly go live with new store
Take sales order from HO, approve for specific outlet
Compare your business performance and get real time business analytics.
POS Software for multi fashion store

Best managed Stationery shops prefer to grow with mrakaf POS, Find out why?

E commerce integration for optical store

Integrate POS with your

E-commerce Business

Increase revenue potential and reduce operating costs

Simple and Easy Cloud POS for Stationery shop

Scale your stationery business to multiple stationery shops using cloud POS software for Stationery shops

Now, it's "sign-up, set-up and serve"

E commerce integration for Electrical store
Best stationery shop billing software intertwined with Billing, Sales, Purchase, Inventory, CRM, Accounting, and Reports.Stationery software provides complete control over your business from purchase to sales and helps in delivering best to your customers.Stationery management software provides an enhanced and smooth shopping experience to delight your customer. Download 30-day free trial software and experience it.
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Overview of Stationery management software

  • What is a Stationery software?
    A stationery software helps you manage all your business operations digitally eliminating manual errors. Stationery management software caters your business need allowing you to manage products in different units like pieces, dozens, litres, carts based on your need and your customers need. A stationery shop billing software provides your customers a delightful shopping experience by taking sales orders and converting sales orders to sales bills. This provides faster billing and seamless check out experience to your customers. Stationery software comes with a business assistant mobile apploication to help you negotiate well with manufacturers during outstation purchases by knowing the previous purchase history and offerings of different vendors.
  • Why do stationary shops need a stationary shop POS Software?
    The importance of a Stationery shop POS software is for the business owner to experience the rapid growth he attains with the help of the software. A Stationery billing software allows you to cater the need of your customers by taking sales orders and delivering the products in order to not miss out any sales. A stationary management software also automates your purchase operation by allowing you to raise purchase orders to your suppliers and letting you convert the Purchase orders directly to purchase. Stationery shop software helps you track your inventory and maintain right inventory and also allows you to manage the free items like labels on your brand you offer to your customers to improve your branding and to attract more customers. It also offers you the freedom to E-commerce integrations and manage your online orders in the stationery shop billing software itself.
  • Benefits of using a Stationery Shop Management Software:
    Having Book store inventory help the stores to,

    - Track the inventory of the shop and also helps track the wastage due to damages products

    - Identify slow moving products and create combo's with a fast moving product offering a discount to not loose the investment

    - Manage peak season sales like school reopening days with right stocks using the Stationery inventory software and process fast cheackouts using GoBill

    - Suggestions from software to sell products with good margin

    - Helping you manage warranty for products like school bags, calculators, pens and process easy returns from your customers and to your suppliers

    - Manage different qualities for the same product to offer varity of choices to your customers

    - Add images to products in the Stationery software for easy identification and explaination to customers and to deliver the right product

  • How to choose right POS software for Retail stationery shops?
    Look for these before choosing a right POS software for retail stationery shops:

    - Support to multiple outlets to scale up your business in the feature

    - Helps you manage the products and expenses spent for your own production

    - Categorizes different brands and different produccts for easy billing and operations with matrix support

    - Lets you create kit items necessary for children based on their grade for easy billing and additional profits

    - Identify fast moving products to help you purchase better in upcoming days and liquidate the slow moving stocks not to loss out the investment

    - Manage shell days for items like glues, sketches, notebooks, higlighters to reduce expiry and wastage

    - Easy and fast billing with mutiple barcode supports for different items

    - Loyalty program support to increase the retention of your customers

  • Why is mrakaf the best Stationery Shop Management Software?
    mrakaf is the best stationery management software in the market with average more than 4.5/5 rating from it's customers because of the strength the software it offers to it's customers. mrakaf's stationery software offers effective re-ordering feature based on the minimum quantity of the product and the last sales of the product over different durations to ensure you don't run out of stock for a product and not loose out a sale. mrakaf stationery management software helps you maintain the right stocks saving your investments and helps you understand the trend and the expectations of the children on the product's model, colour, size and act on it. mrakaf billing software lets you deliver contactless to the students in their home with your own branded app and integrated delivery management system. mrakaf stationery POS also helps you run offers packed with more than 70 offer families in the software to drive more sales in your store. Above all mrakaf Stationery shop software gives you powerful insights on each modules and business operations to make timely decisions and scale up your business.
  • How to download free Stationery shop billing software from mrakaf?
    You can download mrakaf's Stationery shop software by clicking below.