Key Features of Store POS Software

Purchase Accurately

Higher inventory turnover, lower operating cost

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Mobile billing

Beautiful front end for complex backend operations & analytics

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Touch integrated billing

Intuitive touch screen with multi-language support

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Cloud POS

Easy & quick setup, secured offline, easily scale up

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Get Omnichannel ready

Set-up your online store app and delivery management app effortlessly

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Digital ready

Payment, Loyalty, Bio-metric, Accounts

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Compete effectively

CRM Loyalty (64 offers) / Cloud SMS / E-mail Alerts

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Efficient Inventory

Standard, Assembly, Reorder, Repacking, Kit, Home delivery

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Protect your margins

Fix margins based on Supplier or Product/Landing cost calculation

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kirana shop software kirana shop software Touch billing app for Kirana shop mobile billing software

Pair your checkout counters with mobile POS and run your business in style

An efficient and productive queue buster

Complete control on multi-location retail chain stores with our Store Management Software

Single point security
Price Management from Head office
Centralized Master Data Management
Centralized Financial Control
Compare your business performance & get real time business analytics.
Multiple business models or Multi-business model
kirana store management software

Best managed stores prefer to grow with mrakaf's store management software, Find out why?

Simple and easy
cloud pos for your store

Now, it's "sign-up, set-up & serve"

Cloud POS, Sign up Free
mrakaf's Store management software automates daily operations including sales, billing, ordering, purchase, inventory, accounting, CRM, loyalty with insightful reports for increased profits
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Overview of Store management software

  • What is Store management software?
    A Store management software helps you grow your business with minimal staff and the least skills by helping you automate the POS operations, purchase, inventory, CRM, loyalty, accounting, and many more for improved profitability, productivity, and customer delight.
  • Why do stores need a Store POS system?
    A store software plays an important role in empowering the employees with efficient tools to serve the customers effectively. It helps the decision-makers to take control of their business from anywhere, reduces the dependency of the supervisors to maintain accuracy with the store operations, and enables the employees to offer a frictionless shopping experience to the customers.
  • Advantages of using a Store management system
    Managing the store effectively will help in earning more profits, and have a complete control by automating the store operations, leaving no room for errors.

    - Increases productivity with a proper stock management

    - Eliminates the manual errors by automating and helps to have mistake-free operations

    - Helps you have high revenue when you have an optimum inventory without overstock or deadstock

    - Provides high security at all levels without any data loss/leakage

    - Increases customer satisfaction by meeting their requirements and helps you flourish in your business

  • Why is mrakaf the best Store software?
    mrakaf Store management software simplifies store operations, amplifies profit levels, and helps to enjoy 100% accuracy by automating. It helps to empower the employees with digital solution to work faster and serve the customers better. In addition, mrakaf offers a frictionless shopping experience from order to delivery, billing to payment, and adds delight to customers by satisfying their needs with a Store management software.
  • How to download free store management system from mrakaf?
    You can download mrakaf's POS system for Store management software by clicking below.