Faster Order Management

Get more orders per salesman, make more money per customer

  • Empower your sales team to drive you more profits by providing them the best sales force automation technology, Earnsmart, mrakaf's order and collection mobile app for distributors and retailers, supported on mobile and tablets
  • Process more orders in a lesser time and earn more profits by covering large number of retailers in market beat, in a short span of time
  • Do instant stock check and get an updated list of moving and non-moving stock in real-time from your mobile itself
  • Cut down phone calls, man power and manual error with real-time product status and accurate order and collection entry using Earnsmart
  • Save your order processing time and costs with online ordering using mrakaf's WebOrder which will enable your customers and sales reps to order 24*7 directly through the web based tool
  • WebOrder will also help you to measure and improve service levels by reducing fraud and eliminating collection leakage complete transparency and accuracy in maintaining account and transaction history
  • Retailers can directly import the purchase invoice of his suppliers, thus eliminating considerable time required for the data entry
  • Company representatives of the product suppliers and the Sales Reps can view the Stock and Sales reports remotely from anywhere, anytime
Purchase invoice

Control Price and Margin

Have total power to decide your own margin and profits

Control price margin fro distributors
  • Set price level for each of the product or brand based on customer type (corporate, retail, wholesale), branch, area
  • Easily convert sales order and delivery notes into invoices
  • Supports multiple tax structure like VAT, additional tax, Cess, Excise, Octroi and Agriculture Product Market Cess (APMC) etc.
  • Configure price (both cash and product) and offers in the invoice according to the price control
  • Supports multi format, as well as multi company invoicing, for billing multiple company items in one invoice easily
  • Easily view customer buying history at the time of billing and take decisions on discounts and offers to earn higher margin

Credits and Outstanding Management

100% visibility and control over your receivables

  • Have full control over credit limits and credit days for each customer which also includes automated locking of credit bill if needed
  • Easy and powerful user interface to do faster payment, receipt adjustments against invoice
  • Outstanding and Collection reports generation based on area, salesman, supplier and age-wise
  • Cheque printing and complete cheque related transactions management along with post- dated cheque and cheque bounce control
  • Cash flow and Fund flow analysis based on month, group and Ledger wise
  • Flexible user interface for entering opening balance for customers, suppliers and other ledger accounts
Credit card outstanding for distributors

Offers and Scheme Management

Retain your best customers and make more money and customers through them

  • Supports more than 64 different types of offers and promotions
  • Offers can be based on products, categories and customer type, as well as be configured for selective batch or lot
  • Special discount offers based on bill value for a specific period of time is also possible
  • Create loyalty programs based on bill value, specific products etc. and product-wise based on the sale value
  • Gifts or Discounts based redemption on future purchases, as defined in each slab
  • Tracking of loyalty points accumulated with complete history

Profitable Inventory Management

Cut down inventory investment by knowing what, when and how much exactly to purchase

  • Perform daily stocktake with real-time monitoring and live reconciliation during business hours in your mobile to get complete inventory control
  • Accurate and fool proof stock maintenance, know what you are selling and what you are left with
  • Provision to do stock audit regularly to generate stock discrepancy report by computing and comparing physical vs system stock
  • Largely reduce the time taken for item picking and packing by mapping every item to a specific rack or shelf
  • Batch wise inventory analysis helps to find out batch wise expiry, batch wise different rates, batch wise offers etc.
  • Automatically reorder based on minimum and maximum stock value, or minimum qty based on last N days sales, for each of products. You can also set PO based on sales of 'N' days with validation on free quantity
  • Product age-wise stock analysis gives clear picture on non-moving and dead stocks value
Distributor inventory management

Returns Management

Increase your operational efficiency by automating your returns process, reducing fraud and improving customer service

  • Validate Customer expiry or damage returns against batch number of the sales invoice. Also, issue replacement or credit note to customers as per the slab defined. Daily Expiry or Damage can be adjusted in next bill or get replaced with a new product, as well as get the credit note raised
  • Feed and track expiry or damage returns sent to suppliers with utmost ease. Also, manage product replacements or value credited given by suppliers for taking better decisions
  • Purchase return can be made based on cost price or purchase price depending upon the supplier
  • Options to adjust credit notes or purchase returns while entering the goods receipt
  • Enter item-wise remark on each purchase and sales return for future verification

Financial Accounts Management

Have peace of mind with state of the art end-to-end integrated financial accounting module

  • Simple and reliable voucher entry and NEFT/RTGS transactions for any payment directly from the software due to seamless integration with national banks like YES Bank, HDFC, IOB etc and open to all as per your requirement
  • Take full control using our approval process based on budget limit and validate any transaction as per your wish
  • Maintain healthy relation with your creditors, Know what you have to pay, when you have to pay accurately using our Auto scheduling feature that continuously reminds you of your outstanding till debt is paid
  • Use our Smart Accounts Dashboard which shows today's party payables and receivables, scheduled transactions, graphical report for your estimation and much more in one single screen
  • Smooth transfer of mrakaf AccountsEasy to Tally for auditors using mrakaf's Tally Adapter
  • Multiple company accounting and Bank Reconciliation Statement (BRS) maintenance. Comprehensive tracking of receipts with reconciliation for all receipt instruments
  • All types of voucher entries are supported like journal, contra, receipt, payment etc. Financial year-wise ledger balance maintenance after year closing along with Trial Balance, Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet
  • Easy E-filing of GST returns and highly configurable GST reports based on respective state's statutory norms
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Route and Rep Management

Empower your sales team and optimize your distribution network

  • Map salesman and area for each customer in the Customer Master
  • Generate Route or Beat based outstanding reports
  • Analyze order and collections based on area, sales representatives etc.
  • Generate accurate month end commission reports (after deducing returns) for each salesman
  • Plan delivery beat by mapping customers from actual beat done for sales man order taking
  • Track returns and replacements for a particular area or representative
  • Generate e-Way bill with least effort for transporting goods value more than ₹ 50,000 know more

MIS and BI Reports

Use highly effective business intelligence reports with quality data

  • Comprehensive Stock and Sales report for all inward and outward transactions
  • Outstanding report based on area or salesman for field sales collection
  • Dashboard to find Top 'N' products, brands, salesmen or customers. Flash card of your complete business in a snap shot
  • Accurately analyzes and reports on fast moving, excess, shortage, non-moving and dead stocks
  • MIS reports scheduler, Personalization and Security features (user and role based settings for menus and screens) are also available
  • My Reports as a shortcut for accessing frequently viewed reports. Easily configure and re-configure reports by enabling, disabling or rearranging columns
  • Audit, report and export each and every transaction in text, xls, html or PDF file format
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Security Control

Complete and effective control for your store operations

Authorization and access to store data is configurable role or user based. Role based access to different users like cashier, supervisor, manager and administrator is configurable. Depending on the roles, user can be configured to access specific product screens or process. Multiple levels of security with an option to set password for login or product screens is also possible

Multi Store Management

Manage your multiple location business with mrakaf's Supply Chain Management (SCM) solution

mrakaf's multi-location business management Sales and Distribution software solution is a web-based, easy-to-use software that allows you to monitor branch-wise sales, purchase, inventory, receivables and profits etc. from a central location.
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