Benefits of using mrakaf's Pizza shop POS Software

Customize your Menus

Identify your best-sellers using the reports from our Pizza POS software and create the most amazing menus

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Create your Customizations

Offer your customers a large variety of options such as half-and-half pizzas, create-your-own pizzas and much more

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Monitor your Stock

Keep track of your inventory down to the ingredient level and flag variances on your Pizza POS software

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Track your Deliveries

With our integrated delivery management module, monitor every single delivery and notify your customers with the best accuracy

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Delight your Customers

Manage loyalty programs and discounts with ease on your Pizza POS software and keep customers coming back for more

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Optimize your Online Orders

With food aggregator integration, manage all online orders directly from your pizza POS screen

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Cut your costs with KDS

With kitchen display system integration, manage multiple kitchen order tickets (KOTs) from a single screen without papers or printers

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Make Decisions backed by Data

Generate customized reports on your Pizza Point of Sale software and make the right call from anywhere, anytime

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Do you own a chain of Pizza shops?

We offer you a tailor-made solution designed by our panel of Restaurant experts exclusively for your Pizza shops

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Touch billing for pizza shop

Cloud based Pizza POS system for your restaurant


Get customer feedback to
deliver a delight experience

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Rediscover your loyal customers and pull them closer to your business with GoAlerts

GoAlerts is a cloud based real-time business monitoring tool to notify/send critical business information as SMS or E-Mail.

Gain complete control of your chain of Pizza Shops with mrakaf's Pizza Shop POS software

Auditing made easier with integrated Accounts module
Maintain your menus and prices across all your outlets from HO
Maintain taste consistency across your outlets with Recipe and Kit Manager
Manage your central kitchen to plan items outward to your branch outlets
Plan your purchases and stock based on best sellers with Centralized Inventory Management
Compare your business performance and get real time business analytics
POS Software for multi restaurant hotel

Know why the most delicious pizzerias in the market prefer mrakaf's Pizza Shop POS software

E commerce integration for quick service restaurants

Integrate mrakaf Pizza POS software with
online orders from your website

Increase revenue potential and reduce operating costs

Serve perfect pizzas topped with delicious delights with mrakaf's Pizza Shop POS software. Combined with various modules such as order and delivery management, menu and recipe management, inventory management - to automate your pizza shop operations, mrakaf's Pizza Shop POS software is your path to profits and perfection. Download the 30-day-trial today and ask for a free live demo.
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Overview of Pizza shop POS system

  • What is a Pizza Point of Sale software?
    A Pizza Point of Sale software, or Pizza POS, is a collection of software tools aimed to reduce dependency on human efforts for daily operations. Right from creating customized menus offering a variety of options to customers, to tracking online and offline orders with the best accuract, to monitoring the ingredient stock and variances, to delighting customers with the best service - a pizza POS software offers hassle-free automation. Pizza POS software also offers provisions for integrating with essential modules such as accounting, third-party loyalty management, online order management etc., and improves decision-making with precise business intelligence.
  • Why do Pizza shops need a POS software?
    Pizzas are the go-to food for mini parties and celebrations. A pizza shop POS software helps pizzerias with the following features:

    - Allow customizations to the smallest detail - including the choice of dough and crust

    - Note down and process customer orders with lightning-fast speed

    - Design and customize menus based on customer preferences and alter them easily based on their availability

    - Keep accurate track of your toppings and sauces

    - Delight customers with discounts and loyalty rewards

    - Generate customized reports to aid decision making and ensure business growth and profitability

  • Benefits of using a Pizza POS software
    Pizza shops can increase customer footfall and profits by adopting a good pizza POS software:

    - Managing multiple orders becomes easy and simple

    - Significant costs on paper and ink is saved with the integration of kitchen display systems

    - Offering customizations to your dishes is no longer a hassle

    - Toppings and sauces can be tracked accurately and their wastage can be minimized

    - Consistent service quality can be ensured with the help of real-time customer feedbacks

    - Business decisions are improved based on actionable insights from simple yet powerful reporting and analytics

  • Why is mrakaf the best Pizza POS software?
    With the least training and minimal staff required, mrakaf offers the best Pizza Point of Sale software you need to grow your pizzeria. mrakaf's Pizza POS software comes with a variety of in-built modules to automate your business operations and boosting your business growth and profits at the same time. mrakaf's Pizza POS can also be integrated with multiple digital solutions in different modules, such as OrderEasy for online ordering, GoDeliver for delivery management, WhatsNow for complete business assistance, myPulse for customer feedback management, and much more - to help you run your pizza shop smoothly.
  • How to download free Pizza POS software from mrakaf?
    Experience a free trial of mrakaf's Pizza shop POS software with just a few simple clicks. Click here to download free Pizza shop POS software now.