Benefits of using mrakaf's Watch shop POS software

Multiply growth with intelligent BI on products, categories, sales analysis, and profit margin

Virtual assistant

Get instant business notification and approve special discounts easily with your mobile

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Cloud POS

Bill customers without installing a point of sales software, track inventory faster from point of purchase to sale

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Express checkout sales counter to bill faster and from anywhere in the shop

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Secure your business data and customers details by backing up it in the cloud to avoid data loss due to virus attacks or hardware failures

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Salesman commission

Provide incentives to your employees based on their sales and boost them to make more sale conversions

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Smart reorder

Automated reordering based on stock availability and previous purchases to avoid the out of stock situation

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Category management

Categorize and maintain items with information in inventory such as strap colour, material, dial colour etc.

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Loyalty management

Build a strong relationships with customers by providing loyalty points for each purchase they do

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Complete control on multi-location Watch shops with our Watch Shop Management software

Redeem from any store - Centralized Loyalty, Gift voucher and discount coupon
Configure outlet specific offers, pricing from HO
Centralized Integrated Accounting
Centralized master data - Quickly go live with new store
Take sales order from HO, approve for specific outlet
Compare your business performance and get real time business analytics.
POS Software for multi fashion store

Best managed Watch shops prefer to grow with mrakaf POS, Find out why?

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Increase revenue potential and reduce operating costs

Simple and Easy Cloud POS for Watch shops

Take quicker decisions with real-time data from anywhere using cloud POS software for watch shop

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One-stop solution for your retail watch store business intertwined with Billing, Sales, Purchase, Inventory, CRM, Accounting, and Reports. Watchshop software helps you to run your business efficiently with minimal resources by optimizing and automating your billing operations. mrakaf's retail watch shop POS provides an enhanced and smooth shopping experience to your customers. Try watch shop software free for 30 days.
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Overview of Watch POS software

  • What is Watch shop POS?
    Retail Watch shop POS is a complete packed solution for managing your products, purchase, sales, inventory, order taking, delivery, accounts, and warranty management. For a Retail Watch shop appearance of the products in the store from outside and in-store experience play a major role in converting every walk-in into a sale as most of the customers will go through extensive research and set up expectations with some model of the watch before they step in the store. With Watch shop software, you can easily full fill their expectations by showcasing and giving the right product by searching with their requirements like brand, model, strap or dial color and several other aspects even if it's in the stock room as you can add all those information in POS along with the storage location of each item.
  • Why do watch shops need a Watch shop POS System?
    Watch shop billing software doesn't stops its operation only in billing rather it extends its horizon in managing all the operations from Purchase of the item till reaching customers's hand. Watch shop software enhances you to maintain inventory precisely for each brand of the watch with a record of every little information of the item. Retail Watch shop POS enables you to automatically raise purchase orders to the respective suppliers when certain items/models reach a defined threshold with the help of smart reorder. Using Watch shop software, you can always be in the trend and satisfy your customer's need by identifying the fast-moving models and brands. Watch shop billing software enables you to upsell product add ons and enables you to suggest the trending product to your customers with the reports of top-selling models.
  • Benefits of using a Watch shop Management software
    The best Watch shop management software should render the following benefits,

    - Create a combo of men and women's watches of the same design and sell it as a couple collection to impress your customers by using combo creation with a complete track of their inventory

    - Maintain high-quality images for items in POS for showcasing them to customers for faster billing and taking up sales orders or rare or customized items

    - Arrange children's watches, men's watches, ladies watches, and even different material types of watches in various locations and store their positions in POS for faster restocking and easier stock audits

    - Take up sales orders for custom items with the name printed on the watch to extend your support to your customers and to fascinate them

    - Earn more trust from your customer by managing warranties and services for the products you sell by the integrated service module

    - Generate and print your own customized barcode series using in build barcode generate for faster checkout operations

    - Easily sell add-on products like protection insurance, extended warranty, straps, etc. along with the watch by managing everything in a single inventory.

  • How to choose the right POS software for Retail Watch Shops?
    Before choosing a Retail Watch shop POS for your business makes sure it has the following features.

    - Integrate your online E-commerce store with your POS to manage single inventory and all your orders under a single window

    - Powerful reports and analytics to highlight your best selling products, non-moving items, deadstock, and profit margins

    - Track insights of your business and approve special rates and discounts over your mobile even if you were not in the shop

    - Convert Sales orders to sales bills easily to avoid multiple paper works and manual intervention

    - Impress customers with various discounts, seasonal sales and make them feel valued by providing personalized loyalty cards and points

    - Set up Customized tender options seamlessly to redeem any coupons like Sodexo or any other payment options

    - Give a sunglass, wall clock or any other gift items as a free when the cart value is high

  • Why is mrakaf the best Watch Shop POS Software?
    mrakaf's Retail Watch shop POS software helps the watch stores to be the best among their competitors by providing them with the solutions to go digitally and keeps them always in trend by constantly optimizing the POS software to the market needs and trends. mrakaf's watch shop software helps in managing multi chain watch business and track movement of each item from single place and ensures you to do stock transfers to the near by store location to fulfill your customer requirements without loosing them. Gofurgal's Watch shop software allows you to upload high quality images in your POS that helps you to track the reports in a much detailed way for the watches of similar designs and helps you to understand customer demands as per the fashion and trend. Using Gofurgal's OrderEasy retail watch store business can take up orders using their own online ordering mobile application developed by mrakaf which reduces much confusions in their order taking process and saves much time. Also, these orders can be assigned and routed automatically to delivery persons by the mrakaf's GoDeliver application. On top of all, mrakaf's Wacth shop software have almost 70+ pre defined offer template that helps you to create and manage offers easily and also to liquate your dead stock by bundling it with other fast moving items without loosing your control over inventory.
  • How to download free Watch shop POS System from mrakaf?
    You can download mrakaf's Watch store POS software by clicking below.