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Run your Electrical, Electronics, and Computers businesses with easy invoicing, warranty/returns management, loyalty, CRM, with digital solutions to automate and ensure customer delight

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Electronic Retail POS Software

Key Features of Electronic shop POS software

Real-time sales/stock

Check the product age, margins realised post sales, total value of inventory

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Cloud POS

Easy and quick setup, secured offline, easily scale up

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Touch integrated billing

Intuitive touch screen with multi-language support

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Accurate inventory tracking

Every item tracked from purchase to sales with their serial number

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Well linked sales process

Sales at store and delivery at WH, Integration from Quote, SO, DN and invoice

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Service module

Increased margins with repairs and replacement business. Track job cards, warranty and resolution status

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Convert walk-ins to sales

Record every enquiry, raise quotations, follow up with SMS alerts, offers and loyalty till sales

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Manage uncertain prices

Protection from price drops with auto debit note to suppliers, change pricing seasonally and datewise to sell

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Keep selling

Exchange old for new, 3rd party financing, product / item age wise sales commission, 60+ offer types

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Gobill Introduction

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Our mobile solutions specialized

for your Electronics shop!

Mobile and tablet billing app

Complete control on multi-location Electronic shops with our Electronic shop POS management software

Redeem from any store - Centralized Loyalty with OTP, Gift voucher and discount coupon
No loss of sales due to zero stock. Look up stock from other stores and win deals
Configure outlet specific offers, festive season pricing right from HO
Compare your business performance and get real time business analytics
Centralized Master data and Integrated accounting
Free up working capital with excess stock transfer from any outlet to performing outlets
POS Software for multi electronics store

Best managed Electrical and Electronics retailers prefer to grow with mrakaf POS, Find out why ?

Some of our special features, custom made for your business

A Simple, new-age billing application for super fast checkouts. Gobill is ready to delight its users with complete touch compatibility, multi-language support and extensive offline billing option

Planning on Weekend or clearance sales ? Just configure different pricing for different days and start selling. Plan less, Sell more

Customizable smart barcode to help you make informed bargaining with demanding customers

Make it easier for your sales staff to search products with their photos for quick billing

Easily categorize your items to their size, colour, brand, fit and more. Optimise your SKUs for better control

Simpify your complex purchase process with predefined purchase formulas for every distributor. Configure once and automate your purchase

Quickly identify your fastest performing and slow moving products with intuitive reports. Take informed decisions on next purchase

Auto calculation of tax based on item sales rate. Useful for footwear businesses where in tax is calculated on slabs of sales rate

Retail POS
Retail POS
Retail POS
Retail POS
Retail POS
Retail POS
Retail POS
E commerce integration for Electrical store

Integrate POS with your

E-commerce Business

Increase revenue potential and reduce operating costs

Electronics POS software, A complete retail solution for White Goods, PC and Laptops, Computer Hardware, Electrical shops, Home appliances, and Mobile shops. It simplified your streamlining activities such as booking sales orders with multiple, delivery status tracking, and eliminating redundant entries by integrating the entire sales process(Quote, Sales Order, Reorder, Delivery Note, and invoice). Bill from tablet and smartphone also. Free Sign-up for 30 Days Trial download.
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Overview of Electronic POS software

  • What is an Electronics shop POS System?
    An Electronic store POS system helps you have complete control over all your store operations and helps you have track of your business from anywhere. With an Electronic POS, it is possible for you to guarantee experimental shopping and serve your customers better. It provides a CRM solution, which helps you offer an addictive shopping experience to your customers with customized offers and discounts. With Electronic billing software, you can automate the accounting transactions with complete GST support and save time.
  • Why do Electronic shops need an Electronic shop management system?
    A consumer Electronics POS serves as a system that facilitates the stores to adapt to technology so that it is possible to meet the customer demands and profit well. It is highly essential for Electronic stores to have Electronic invoicing software to provide error-free checkouts, by having complete track of the products with serial numbers across purchase to sales. Electronic POS systems help in boosting customer retention rates, with a good track over the warranty management, return and replacement, to instantly respond and provide the best service instantly.
  • Benefits of using an Electronics shop invoicing and billing software
    An Electronic store POS helps the Electronic stores,

    - Have high productivity with digital mobile solutions for billing, inventory management, etc

    - Track your business performance from anywhere

    - Protect your margin by managing price drops and buyback exchange claims

    - Make more business with target-based sales, by offering incentives to the salesman

    - Provide super fast and smooth checkouts with Mobile POS billing

    - Purchase right with accurate and automatic reorder and meet the customer demands without any delay

  • How to choose the right POS system for Electronics shops?
    Before you choose a consumer Electronics POS software for your business look out for these fantastic features that support you to grow your business well.

    - Track every product from purchase to sales based on the serial, IMEI, and warranty numbers

    - Faster decision making with real-time business analytics, dashboards, etc

    - Manage multiple stores from a centralized system, configure and control the business from anywhere

    - Earn more clearance in sales by configuring date-wise and product-wise pricing patterns

    - Exchange old for new products to give an addictive shopping experience with returns management

    - Attract more customers with complete loyalty management

    - Integrated accounting solution to eliminate the double work by automatically posting the accounting transactions

  • Why is mrakaf the best Electronics shop POS software?
    mrakaf's Electronics billing software helps you broaden the horizons in your business journey by offering the best operational excellence ensuring a delightful shopping experience to the customers. mrakaf stands out as a reliable Electronic store billing software by offering digital native business solutions that help in increasing sales and boosting business efficiency with minimum staff and the least skills. Using mrakafs exclusive mobile applications for billing, inventory management, business tracking, online ordering, delivery management, it becomes easy for Electronic businesses to handle the store operations and stay ahead of the competition.
  • How to download free Electronics shop POS from mrakaf?
    You can download mrakaf's Electronic shop software by clicking below.