Benefits of using mrakaf's Toy Shop POS software

Multiply growth with intelligent BI on products, categories, sales analysis, and profit margin


Manage and watch live business insights even when you are out of station for purchase

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Cloud POS

Bill customers without installing a point of sales software, track inventory faster from point of purchase to sale

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Showcase your catalog and create sales quotation without affecting the inventory and convert it directly to a sales order or sales bill

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Salesman commission

Provide incentives to your employees based on their sales and boost them to make more sale conversions

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Smart reorder

Automated reordering based on stock availability and previous purchases to avoid the out of stock situation

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Integrate with online E-commerce stores and manage instore as well as online orders easily in the same place

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Liquidate stocks

Identify slow moving items and liquidate them easily by providing offers with 70+ pre defined offer types

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Paperless billing

Using digital invoicing solutions, send bills to your customers as PDF through SMS and save papers.

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Complete control on multi-location Toy stores with our Toy Shop Management software

Redeem from any store - Centralized Loyalty, Gift voucher and discount coupon
Configure outlet specific offers, pricing from HO
Centralized Integrated Accounting
Centralized master data - Quickly go live with new store
Take sales order from HO, approve for specific outlet
Compare your business performance and get real time business analytics.
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Simple and Easy Cloud POS for Toy shops

With real time data, make decisions faster using cloud POS software for Toy shop

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Toy shop POS software helps run your business efficiently with minimal resources and optimize them efficiently by automating your billing operations. mrakaf's Toy store POS neglects confusion over your inventory by properly tracking the movement of each item from incoming to the store till moving out Sign-up now and experience Toy store POS free for 30 days.
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Overview of Toy shop POS software

  • What is Toy store POS?
    Toy store POS system manages the complete operation of a Toy shop from purchase, sales, inventory, customer, order taking, and delivery, to accounting at one place. mrakaf's Toy store POS renders you to manage multiple suppliers and keep strong relationship with them by storing detailed information and automate orders for each supplier based on their preferred days, the existing stock quantities and previous orders. Using Toy store POS helps you to store your customers data and serve them much better based on their purchase history.
  • Why do toy shops need a Toy shop POS System?
    Toy shop billing software doesn't stop only in billing, rather it manages all the front and back-office operations and gives you time to organize the items in your shop in an attractive manner. Also, with the inbuild barcode designing and printing, customers can print their own customized barcodes for items. Toy store POS system helps in managing inventory between the warehouse and across various store locations which enables to transfer stock from one store to another nearby store during unavailability.
  • Benefits of using a Toy Shop Management Software
    A Toy shop management software should render the following benefits,

    - Easily bundle products to sell as a gift pack using combo creating without collapsing the inventory and margin

    - Maintain high-quality images for items in POS for showcasing them to customers for faster billing

    - Categorise toys easily based on item code, color, material, and brand

    - Impress customers with various discounts and make them feel valued by providing personalized loyalty cards and points

    - Arrange plastic toys, fur toys, and remote control toys in various locations and store their positions in POS for faster restocking and easier stock audits

    - Procure items in bulk and sell them in units with detailed margin and ROI calculation

    - Take up sales orders for custom items like printing the child's name in toys to make them happier and out of stock items and deliver it on time

  • How to choose the right POS software for Retail Toy Stores?
    Before choosing a Toy shop POS software for your business make sure it has the following features.

    - Convert Sales orders to sales bills easily to avoid multiple paper works and manual intervention

    - Work with one inventory database for both your physical and online store orders by integrating will E-commerce sites

    - Build your own reports by using various filter options

    - Restrict menus to your employees and even set password and approval methods for providing discounts and for several options

    - Track insights of your business and approve special rates and discounts over your mobile even if you were not in the shop

    - Manage big toys like battery operated toy cars in the warehouse and transfer them to the store when needed and bill them easily

  • Why is mrakaf the best Toy Shop POS Software?
    mrakaf's Toy shop POS software helps the Toy stores to be the best among their competitors by providing them with the solutions to go digitally and keeps them always in trend by constantly optimizing the POS software to the market needs and trends. Also, it helps the Toy stores to integrate with top E-commerce websites like Amazon, Shopify and other third party solutions by API integrations. mrakaf's toy store POS system enables you to bill from anywhere in the shop and for faster billing that helps you in managing peak and festive season with its GoBill mobile application. With mrakaf's toy shop billing software you can design the bill the way you want and can add any customized fields like loyalts points balance, how much they have saved etc. Also, mrakafs's GoAct solution provides reports about businesses representing various aspects in different charts for better understanding to improve your business based on the analysis.
  • How to download free Toy shop POS System from mrakaf?
    You can download mrakaf's Toy store POS software by clicking below.