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Pharma and Health care software for your distribution business with complete distribution chain management, order processing, inventory management, accounting, to control your business from anywhere

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Specially designed for Pharma C&Fs, Superstockists, Distributors and Wholesale traders

Pharma distributon management solution
Pharma software for efficient inventory investment with an end-end integrated financial accounting. Expiry management with wastage reports and terms. Batch-wise control on all transactions.
Pharmaceutical distribution software for virtual godown management to keep track of inventory across multiple godowns. Know the current stock position of each godown at any point in time.
Medical distribution software that reduces reverse logistics costs with accurate expiry terms. Reclaim expired goods and offers with your supplier to maximize profits while increasing your market penetration.
Pharma distribution software that increases your customer base, delights your customers by fulfilling the orders placed on time, and dispatch to the delivery address in a shorter period. With dedicated Pharma software you can make a note of your acknowledgments too.

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Take orders, create receipts and bill on the go with a sales force automation app

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An online ordering portal with credit terms and outstanding details to measure and improve service levels.

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Complete control on your multi-location Pharma distribution chain

Pharma chain store distribution management software

“mrakaf Pharmaceutical software has managed my Pharma distribution business very smoothly for the last 10 years. Their timely updates aligned with the market needs have helped me increase my market reach by 55%. More importantly, they resolve all my queries immediately giving me peace of mind.”

Mr. Aadithya Kothari,

Proprietor, Aadithya Pharmex, Chennai

(A 10 year old company distributing Patent medicines)

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Overview of Pharma billing software

  • What is Pharma software?
    A Pharma wholesale software helps pharma distributors, dealers, wholesalers, and stockists to manage their inventory, sales, orders, accounting, and sales representatives by automating the operations for effectively managing the pharma wholesale and retail distribution business.
  • Why do Wholesale Pharma distributors need pharma billing and distribution software?
    Wholesale Pharma distributors billing software helps streamline the business operations with a single and multi-location billing and DMS (Distribution management system). With billing software for Pharma wholesale, the distributors can manage the business proactively by automating to have complete inventory control with expiry management, virtual godown management and supports the pharmaceutical wholesale distribution business performance to be tracked from anywhere. This helps to add delight to the customers by fulfilling the orders on time.
  • What are the advantages of using Pharmaceutical software?
    Having the best software for Pharma wholesale business, one can enjoy a frictionless experience starting from product order to delivery. It helps the pharma distributors,

    - Reduce the order processing and delivery costs by getting more orders per salesman

    - Control prices and enjoy higher margins by having multiple price levels and discounts for specific customers, customer groups, and product categories

    - Keeping complete track of the stocks, optimizing the stocks, and automating reorders based on the minimum and maximum stock values

    - Have complete visibility using quality outstanding, collection reports with financial accounting

    - Hassle-free replacement of expired, breakage, and damaged goods with complete tracking and simpler inspection/approvals

  • Why is mrakaf the best wholesale Pharma distributors billing software?
    mrakaf's Pharma DMS empowers the pharma distributors to grow efficiently with minimal staff and least skills by automating the business operations guaranteeing 100% accuracy. Being the best Pharma distribution software across the world, mrakaf provides the best mobile solutions for automating the sales force at the palm of your hand to take orders and bill on the go. You can measure and improve service levels with online ordering, and make timely business decisions by tracking the real-time data from anywhere.
  • What are the benefits of having Distribution management software with integrated GST accounting?
    Having an integrated GST accounting module in the Distribution management software will help you have peace of mind with easy and flexible e-filing GST returns and highly configurable GST reports based on the respective state's statutory norms. You can stay updated with GST/VAT and Financial Accounting reports which includes, Bank reconciliation statements, Trading profit, and loss a/c, Day Book/Ledger, Balance sheet, GST/VAT commodity master, Invoice wise opening balance entry, Interest calculation, User-defined outstanding report and many more.
  • How to download mrakaf's Pharma wholesale billing software?
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