Powerful Wholesale and Distribution ERP Software

Specialized Wholesale and Distribution ERP software that helps you run your business successfully with chain management, order taking, order processing, inventory management, accounting, and digital solutions

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Increase profits with our Wholesale and Distribution ERP Software tailor-made for your business

Fast decisions with live data

Distribution ERP that helps in identifying top 'N' brands, fast, slow , dead, excess, short stock, salesmen and customers to give your insights on business and helps in making timely decisions

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Short order to delivery cycle

Wholesale and Distribution ERP Software that helps in increasing the order value and secured payment collection to make sure your delivery cycle is short and offers best customer experience

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Drill down your growth

ERP Software for Wholesale and Distribution that helps in analytics on your Distribution business performance and helps in making strategic decisions that will add to your bottomline

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Effective Inventory Control

Distribution ERP Software that helps with efficient inventory investment, transaction level control based on individual lot or batch, returns and expiry tracking

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Route map and Delivery beat

Distribution ERP Solution that maps beat and area to customers, get sales analysis, outstanding list and collection status and separates delivery beats for efficient delivery

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Area specific offers and pricing

ERP Software for Distributors that helps to plan, monitor and control pricing based on region, customer group, batch or MRP, shorten product life-cycle to keep losses at minimum

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WebOrder online utility tool

Distribution ERP System that helps in increasing orders, improving service levels, lowering reverse logistics cost, reducing fraud and collection leakage

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Mobile app for salesman to take orders remotely and collect payments

Improved customer service with instant stock check, delivery and issue on-spot receipts

Distribution management software

Measure and improve service levels with an online ordering portal

Fulfill all orders accurately and punctually

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Growing businesses in Specialized Distribution choose mrakaf's Distribution ERP Solution. Find out why?

Get complete control on multi-location chain stores in Specialized Distribution using mrakaf's Distribution ERP Software

Uniform product master across outlets
Area specific promotions and offers
Centralized price control
Stock move advice from HO
Lot/Batch based inventory control
Stock and outstanding analysis
Distribution software for multi FMCG store
Specialized Wholesale and Distribution ERP Software from mrakaf suitable for businesses such as fertilizers, paint, books and stationary, cement, packed drinking water, paint manufacturer, ice cream, and more. Try mrakaf's free Distribution ERP Software for 30 days Trial
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Overview of Specialized Distribution ERP Software

  • What is Wholesale ERP Software?
    A Wholesale Distribution ERP software helps in integrating and automating the entire quote-to-cash cycle. It enables you to streamline inventory processes with user-defined units of measure (UOM) conversions, kitting, and automates your warehouse. Based on the insights derived from the distribution ERP solutions, it is easier to make smarter wholesale business decisions that impact your profits and revenue. With comprehensive ERP software for Wholesale and Distribution, you can boost sales and streamline operations in no time.
  • Why do distributors need distribution ERP solutions?
    Distributors need Wholesale Distribution ERP software as it helps them get real-time visibility into available inventory. Having a Distribution ERP system in place, Gives you the least service turnaround time (order to delivery cycle). It also helps in increasing/widening the market reach. As Distributors only enjoy a thin margin, expanding the database can help them earn more. With the right distribution ERP solution, Distributors can cut down the costs to increase their profit. Wholesale and Distribution ERP software ensures a steady supply of goods to distribute, thereby increasing your profits. It helps them get payments/outstanding settled on time so that there is no cash blockage.
  • Benefits of using a Wholesale Distribution Billing Software
    A Distribution ERP software helps the distributors and wholesalers with,

    - Clear visualization lets them see which parts of the process work effectively and don’t need, so that remedies can be easily implemented

    - Making planning and forecasting easier with real-time and historical data available to predict different factors affecting the distribution process

    - Making the arranging of orders easier and delivered on time, or even in advance it for better customer experience

    - Keeping customers happy by reducing the time between order and delivery

    - Improving the monitoring of stocks by automating inventory management

    - Streamlining the processes and saving time and money

  • How to choose right Distribution ERP Software?
    Before choosing a Distribution ERP software for your business, make sure it has the following features that help sustain the business

    - Choose a Distribution ERP software with demand planning and forecasting tools that will integrate well with both historical sales data and sales forecasts. This helps to optimize purchasing decisions

    - Check if your Distribution ERP can help you optimize warehouse processes and help you with analysis related to its operations

    - See if it has effective Inventory Control, which will help you in efficient inventory investment, transaction-level control based on individual lot or batch, and returns and expiry tracking

    - Having Sales management with automated workflows and real-time monitoring across inventory is a significant feature as you get accurate quotes, and also it eliminates billing errors

    - Check for robust BI analysis in your Distribution ERP solution as it helps you grow your distribution business. WIth BI insights, you can see trends and patterns, anticipate market shifts, and proactively adjust plans

  • Why choose mrakaf's Wholesale ERP System?
    mrakaf's Wholesale and Distribution ERP software helps you run your business successfully with many specialized features. These features include chain management, order taking, order processing, inventory management, accounting, and digital solutions, which are very important if you're in the Distribution sector. You can gather data end-to-end on top brands, stocks, sales people, customers, trends, patterns, etc., to make fast decisions to increase your profit. With the mrakaf Distribution ERP solution, you can also progress towards short order to delivery cycle, increase your order value and enjoy secured payment collection. You can track outlet-wise business with graphical reports, check increase/decrease in business sales in one tap, create periodical events, compare and invest suitable for next season. Enjoy effective inventory control and, in the process, plan your efficient inventory investment. You can also use flexible billing, maintain your base, get insights from a comprehensive dashboard, configure different types of schemes and offers, look at your previous purchase history, supplier outstanding, know the detailed status of the stocks, transaction-wise closing stock, and product analysis. Get the most rewarding Distribution ERP software for your business.
  • How to download free Distribution ERP software from mrakaf
    You can download mrakaf's Wholesale and Distribution ERP software by clicking below.